Get to where you want to be

This is where our fresh thinking approach to one-on-one executive coaching really works. We want to get you to the next level, whether that’s where you are at the moment, or in a new situation. Everyone is unique and so is the coaching process – it is tailored to you.

For career transition:
We want to hear your “career story” – not only to re-engineer your resume (if necessary), but to understand your drivers and goals. By speaking your “career story” out loud, we learn about your job transitions and your successes. At the same time, we polish how you communicate your story – which uncovers additional attributes and builds confidence.

How you present yourself – how you communicate your value – to a prospective employer is crucial. It can be the difference between getting what you want, or not.

For getting to the next level:
For those who feel they have a reached a plateau, who are looking to push through to the next level, we work together to give you that boost. We look at what is holding you back, and then design a strategy and create a plan, with insight, direction and goals, that is customized just for you.

Who Is This For?
This is for anyone who is ready for a career change, poised for a promotion, or vying for a raise. This is also for anyone who has reached a wall and needs the right strategic coach to break through. This is a process that we have refined working with many clients. Our approach is always positive and constructive.

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