videotapingOur unique method outlines the core concepts behind successful public speaking. We begin with what is actually happening in the brain when we speak and listen, and how that captivates people – and how this contributes to a compelling story. We then move to the mechanics of the best presentation and get to work crafting your presentation, utilizing all of the knowledge and strategies you just learned. Then the fun begins; we videotape you more than once, and give feedback as you refine and polish your public speaking skills and master your presentation.


  • Concepts
    Animation, daydreaming, neuroscience, Judge Judy and cotton candy. What do all of these have to do with great public speaking? Lots. The best public speakers understand these concepts and master how to use them to their advantage.
  • The Mechanics of the Best Presentation
    How to start and how to end. Your open and your close. What are the best techniques?
  • The Tricks of the Trade
    Voice modulation and body language magically change a droning recitation into an engaging and compelling talk. Learn how to use your voice to engage and your body language to connect.
  • What Makes It Compelling
    Is it the characters or the story or the sentiment or… something else? Building a good story is not a mystery, it’s a craft. We will get your audience on the edge of their seats and eager for the next word.
  • Build It and They Will Come
    Together we construct your story/message/pitch based on your message and agenda. Practice makes perfect so we will videotape you and give feedback, and improve each time.

Who Is This For?
Whether your speech is based in the corporate world or philanthropy, you want to motivate people, or move them with your words, we will work with you to be the “best in class”.

Contact us for an outline of our unique process.