Master the sale after mastering your product

Regardless of your industry, or what you are selling, these modules are requisite to sales. Our unique approach teaches you the communication techniques that underlie the sales process, so that you understand why they work. “Aha!” moments are what we are looking for. When you get how it works, your sales process will take off and you will sell more.


  • The Polish (Build Rapport & Trust)
    Master non-verbal communication, observational and listening skills, and introductions
  • Your Secret Sauce
    Communicate your unique brand and position – anytime, anywhere.
  • Rerun The Objections
    Know your key objections, own them, and be ready with language to pro-actively address resistance and blocking.
  • “Colombo” Selling
    Uncover problems and create need by asking well-framed questions spoken in the most compelling way.
  • “The Yellow Brick Road”
    Stay on the road to the sale. Understand and master the language that moves the sale forward, and why.

  • Own Your Close
    Ask for action (and referrals) with confidence.

Each one of these is a separate module, custom designed with interactive exercises, videotaping and feedback. They are offered individually, or as a series, and can be modified to meet your time budget.

Who Is This For?
Individuals who want one-on-one coaching, or groups and sales teams. People who are new to sales, or those seasoned sales pros who never-ever want to go to “sales school”, but walk out revitalized with new skills. Anyone who wants to engage more and sell more.

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