About Nikki Shapiro

unspecified-1Sales and Selling:

Nikki Shapiro has enjoyed a successful career as a sales professional, beginning in consumer products with Proctor & Gamble, then moving into the healthcare sector in medical devices and later, in high-tech home care. Recognizing her innate skill to motivate and coach, she jumped at every opportunity to help others, lead workshops, and mentor and train new sales representatives in the field.
In addition to her one-on-one clients, Nikki recently concluded a two-year contract with Northwestern Mutual in northern Connecticut, where she “sales coached” new and tenured Financial Representatives. Nikki is currently working closely with the leadership of a specialty adhesives company to re-design their sales organization.

Her philosophy is that everything is a sales skill, strategy, or technique, which everyone can adapt and adopt. No one is bad at sales, they just haven’t yet learned how to do it.

Public Speaking and Coaching:

As a corporate trainer, Nikki led seminars for large corporations (IBM, Morgan Stanley, Deloite, etc.), on a myriad of topics related to work/life balance, including Goal SettingAssertive Communication, and Stopping Procrastination. She is skilled at speaking extemporaneously to groups large and small, and engaging the audience. Her style is lively, light-hearted, and interactive.
As a public speaking coach and sales coach, she works with individuals on the techniques of successful communication to meet a specific goal. Nikki’s clients have ranged from brand new sales representatives, to seasoned sales teams, to individuals in philanthropy creating a charitable giving speech, to executives and professionals looking to advance their career.

Nikki developed an interactive seminar called Wonder Women in Business, which she has presented twice at Harvard Business School. Biology and neuroscience impact basic interactions between men and women. Wonder Women helps women “work the system” to overcome the communication hurdles they often face in a gender biased business world.