L.G., Learning and Leadership Manager, Banking Industry
“Nikki, it is you that started me moving forward on this journey and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Your ability to help me focus, break down my objectives into small components that are manageable, helped me to break through the barriers I had built for myself. I can’t tell you how much I wish you were here in person so I could give you a hug and let you know what a difference you’ve made for me. Thank you.”
I. P., Financial Advisor, Financial Services Industry
“I have worked with Consultants and Coaches before, and Nikki  sets herself apart. The ideas, strategies, and her ability to listen and communicate with me in a clear, candid manner literally changed the course of my career. I would personally recommend Nikki and her expertise to anybody willing to become better in their field.”
DebbieDebbie Lister, Sales Representative

“Nikki is a great Executive Coach. She worked with me all the way from career change concept and resume re-build, right on through the interview process, to negotiating the offer. It worked and she worked – for me!



Bryan Walsingham, ArchitectBryan_Walsingham_bw

“I was preparing for my annual review, and didn’t want to be disappointed with the size of my raise like in previous years. I consulted with Nikki, and she came up with value points that I was able to present to the senior partner during our meeting. I was thrilled when I found out that my raise was quadruple what it was the year before!”


“Nikki knew how to highlight the points in my resume that make me look the best. The process re-affirmed my value in my industry.”





Further Excerpts from sales training evaluations:

“The whole session/training was very helpful! Reminding us all of the most important sales techniques is HUGE!”

“This seemed like a great introduction to sales and negotiating. I would recommend this to new and struggling sales people.”

“Energetic and comfortable environment. The second part of the training, negotiating with confidence was great.”