Women and men communicate differently, from our voices to our body language. Why is this? Biology and neuroscience impact basic communication more than we know, and knowledge of how they do so can overcome many of the hurdles women often face in business.

Wonder Women in Business is an interactive seminar that gives women communication tips and strategies on how to get ahead in a male-dominated business world.

What we project and what others perceive are often very different, from the pitch of our voice, to the way we position our shoulders. Learn and practice techniques that help close that gap, so that people truly engage with your words, not those bothersome biological distractions that often get in the way.

The six key topics of Wonder Woman in Business:
  1. Being judged: why and how to work it to one’s advantage
  2. Trustworthiness and the “Triad of Likeability”
  3. Voice modulation and how to reduce gender bias by modulating one’s voice
  4. Body language and how to align it with one’s words to convey confidence
  5. Self-monitoring: defined and adopting its benefits
  6. Putting it all together: communicating with conviction and confidence
Who is this for?
Women of all ages. Never too young, never too old. In school, in business, in life.